Condoms for Complexion: The new beauty hack that has the internet in a frenzy!

It’s time to throw away your expensive make-up brushes…and whip out your rubbers?  Beauty experts and online beauty bloggers have discovered a new, creative use for condoms.

Experts and bloggers have started using the rubber latex to smoothly apply their foundation, and the results are shockingly effective.

The condoms, filled with either cream or a beauty blender sponge, are used to apply foundation to the face, without absorbing any make-up product.

The unusual trend, started by the blogger Beauty Vixxen, is producing flawless results and is causing quite a stir on the internet.

It is recommended that users wash the condom before applying any foundation or other make-up to their face. This will prevent any lubricant or other unhealthy substances from irritating your skin. We definitely don’t want any breakouts from this beauty hack!

Many make-up users are skeptical of the process, and repeatedly dabbing their faces with a condom, but the results don’t lie!

If you are a brave soul that wants to try out this condom-tasic technique (sorry, it had to be done), the link to Beauty Vixxen’s video tutorial is below.


Beauty Vixxen:


2 thoughts on “Condoms for Complexion: The new beauty hack that has the internet in a frenzy!

  1. 🙈this is so funny, I mean I am a pro makeup artist and I would never ever try out this method, firstly makeup is a luxury I wouldn’t want to loose that feeling by using a condom on my face or my clients 😣 anyways it’s funny to see how far people would go to get famous on social media 🙈 even if you apply a product with a condom u will need to blend it with a sponge at the end for a neat finish.

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