Maroon 5 Releases New Music Video For “What Lovers Do”

This morning Maroon 5 released their newest music video for their latest single “What Lover’s Do,” featuring neo-soul singer SZA.

The video, directed by Joseph Kahn, stars both Adam Levine, Maroon 5’s lead singer, and SZA. It begins with two animated children, one male and one female, that seem to resemble Levine and SZA. The children are shown chasing one another through a virtual field with butterflies, depicting the chase of young love. As the video progresses, the children grow up and are replaced by the real Levine and SZA.

The progression of the video seems to show that although we may grow old, young love never does. The chase continues.  

The climax of the video presents both Levine and SZA gambling, appearing to bet on love with Levine singing, “Are we too grown for games? Are we too grown to play around? Young enough for chase, but old enough to know better.”

SZA responds, “Are we too grown for changin’? Are we to grown to mess around? Oh and I can’t wait forever baby, both of us should know better.”

The video comes to an end with Levine laying in a hospital bed beaten up and bruised, with SZA acting as his nurse.

Some YouTubers have taken to the comments section on the video, believing that video was meant to display a fantasy of Levine’s, who proceeds to wake up to find his dream girl taking care of him. It can also be considered as a reminder that love can hurt and participating in the chase has its consequences.

“What Lovers Do” follows the release of their song “Cold,” a collaboration of Maroon 5 and Future.

“What Lovers Do” has hit the Canadian Top Charts and is currently placed at number 10 on iTunes this week.


Have you seen the “What Lovers Do” music video? Let us know what you think in the comments section below!


*Photo: Official Maroon 5 Website


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