#RoomForManchester: Explosion at Manchester Arena, Twitter Users Offer Support

Hundreds of people are rallying together on Twitter tonight after an unusual explosion occurred at an Ariana Grande concert at Manchester Arena in England, United Kingdom.

Concert-goers have said they heard what sounded like an explosion at the end of the show, believed to have gone off just outside of the arena. Thousands of people have fled in panic, while Police are reporting 19 deaths and approximately 50 injuries from the venue.

Twitter users in Manchester area have come together to assist fleeing concert-goers, using the hashtag #RoomForManchester to reach out to people in need of help.

Many people are offering a safe place to stay, use of a phone, and even a drive to or from Manchester.

“If anyone is stranded near the Arena we live nearby and can help with transport or shelter. #roomformanchester #Manchesterarena,” says Scott Williams.

Jesse Coleman tweets, “Space for anyone stranded. 15 minutes walk from Manc Arena callĀ 07931961784 #RoomForManchester.”

Those who do not live in the Manchester area are also extending their support tonight, tweeting their appreciation to those who are offering their help by sharing the hashtag.

“People offering beds restores my faith in society at a time like this, such a simple gesture making all the difference #roomformanchester,” says Charl Hatton.

Elliot Foster tweets, “#roomformanchester – use hashtag if looking for somewhere to stay during #ManchesterArena incident. Doors open all over city.”

Although it is not clear whether or not terrorism is involved in the explosion, investigators are exploring the possibility of a suicide bomber.

Those who are in need of assistance in the Manchester area are encouraged to reach out to those on Twitter through the hashtag #RoomForManchester.



photo: Action News, ABC.